3 Tips How To Get More Clients Using Instagram Stories

Today I’m going to be giving you three tactics and how to better drive traffic to your website and potentially raise your client numbers using your Instagram story links.  This is one of the BEST, EASIEST and FREE ways to use digital marketing for your business.

Instagram Story stickers are an absolute must if you are trying to grow your brand or brand awareness. Instagram recently changed their notorious swipe up feature in the stories to a new Instagram story sticker link and now, since it’s really caught on like fire, and even more importantly – this is open and available to everyone!

We’re just going to jump right in. If you don’t have an Instagram account, now is the time to start! Go sign up, sign in and follow along to start raking in that new traffic – FOR FREE!!!


Number one, include a strong call to action. Audiences are constantly bombarded every step they take, every swipe they make with constant advertising, whether they know it or not, even if it just looks like a pretty picture, it’s advertising a service, it’s advertising something about it.

So having a strong call to action in your branding, in your stories is going to catch their attention and make them engage with your story that much quicker and easier. Make them engage with what you want them to do or know.

You need to stand out from the myriad of different videos, different stories and different advertising out there. On top of that, you need to tell them what to do. Anyone who is a parent or teacher or anyone who has worked with kids or really the general public – unless you tell people what to do – they will very rarely do it.

Some easy examples are – Tap here to learn more, Click here to learn more. Click here to talk to us today. Tap this sticker. Want to know more? Click here to find out, Are you ready for some awesomeness? Get them engaged, get them actually wanting to click on that link to find out more. Make them want it – but 100% be sure to tell them to do it!

Click the link below. You need to engage with your audience and tell them exactly what you want to do.


Number two, create awesome eye-catching templates that draw the attention of your audience and to the link stickers, you are going to summon your inner graphic designer and create something that hearkens your brand but is also super eye catching and allows for a lot of eye traffic to where you want them to engage with your story.

We here at EO7 Media have created many templates for our clients and partners to help them focus on what they need to do – bring in more business and not worry about the marketing side of things (that’s why you have us). But, if you’re feeling creative and like this kind of stuff you can create your own layouts and graphics, use a website licensing service like Envato, or the non-Photoshopper user-friendly Canva. Get creative!

But most importantly – make it eye-catching!! It has to be visually interesting and engaging.

Sure, everything going on here, the fun video you’re making is all well and good, but if they don’t instantly see that you want them to click on something, your story has failed.


Make sure that your stories are on brand with your brand. This is why I suggest creating templates for your stories so that every story has a cohesion. Using your brand’s color hex codes, fonts and hierarchy of title text and graphics.

So while people are scrolling through stories, yours will always look like your brand –  using your brand colors, using your brand font logos, or any kind of shot design or elements that harken back to your brand and of course draw attention to those stickers. Use a clever call to action, but get the attention on those stickers so that they can click on it and go to your lengths.

Now, as a business owner, the easiest thing you will do is to overexplain because you want to explain everything about your business and how awesome it is.

That is the marketing killer.

Do not overexplain – keep it simple and to the point.

  1. BOOM – Eye Catching Graphics and video / photo (no more than 3 seconds)
  2. Cool and interesting information (no more than 7 seconds)
  3. Call to action. (no more than 4 seconds)
  4. And remember to engage with anyone who DMs you. Engagement is hands down the #1 best way to build a following and grow customers.


Number three – get super creative with your text and overlay PNG files. The more visual aspects you have, the better, even if it’s kind of gaudy.

Sometimes calling attention to your story to your video, to your marketing will better find the audience because they’re lingering on your story just a little bit longer. Even if it’s some obnoxious little animated cartoon, people will look at it and stay a little bit longer than they would have normally. Engage with your images and make them pop to your audience. 

Instagram’s algorithm reads the length of time a viewer is watching your content. If your audience is looking at your content longer than other brands, Instagram is more likely to suggest more of your posts to that person in future, so they are seeing your content more often.

Then add your call to action. Simple to the point, point to the sticker to make them click on that sticker.

And remember, keep your colors, keep your fonts and keep all your designs cohesive with your brand. Now, not everyone has the time or real desire or even the creativity to be doing this on their own. That’s where we can come in and help.


Use your analytics in your Instagram to see who is engaging with you and what posts are getting the most attention. We will go over this in more detail in future videos and blogs, so stay tuned.

We here at Eo7 Media are brand storytellers and proud partners of businesses that want to grow their businesses, whether they’re a small mom and pop shop or a nationally renowned company needing to expose their awesomeness that much more. We want to help you grow through photos and video and we want to help you with your marketing. So contact us today on here Instagram, email, phone, whatever.

We are ready to partner with you and grow your brand. I’m Jaysin from Eo7 Media and I want to help your brand shine!!