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We love working with small and medium sized businesses. Seeing the passion in the eyes and the hearts of the people I get to work with, knowing they are making a difference with their business. And we love to help them get the right eyes on their business so that they can grow that passion even more.  
We’re a marketing partner that elevates brands through video production, photography, social media management, brand development, and design. We don’t think of you as a client, we are YOUR partner.

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Video is no longer a luxury in business, it’s a necessity. High quality and well crafted video makes your brand stand apart from the competition - and believe me, people will notice. Video is without a doubt, the best way to communicate ideas and emotions engagement with a wide audience.  
90% of web consumers say that a video helps them make a decision to buy that business’ product or server and 64% of visitors to a website are more likely to buy their product or service after watching a video.
We can create any type of video you might need, such as: Promos, Teasers, Hype videos, Explainer videos, Internal Training videos, Recruitment videos, NDA marketing, Lifestyle videos, Product videos, Interviews and Testimonials, Documentaries, Life Event Coverage, Live Streaming and so much more. If you need it, we can create it with you!

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Other than your logo, photos are the first thing people see about your business. Their eyes will look for visuals about your business before they even read a single word, so be sure your photos are the best representation of your brand and business.

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After we sit down and discuss your solutions for your brand’s needs, you might highly benefit from taking the role of photographer, videographer or marketing into your own hands and we can absolutely help with that too. We can walk you through the best ways to shoot your own photos, create your own video content and the best marketing tips to drive those engagements on social and get people to your site, to your business and increasing your sales. We offer consulting face to face and take our time so that you not only understand everything, but you will walk away confident and ready to take on the world!

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The average person spends 40 minutes a day on YouTube, 53 minutes on Instagram and 58 minutes on Facebook, that’s almost 3 hours a day you are missing out on potential new customers and engagements. Nothing speaks to people faster and more engaging than photo and video. We live in a society that values constant content which is why we preach to every single one of our partners that CONTENT IS KING and CONSISTENCY IS QUEEN. Long gone are the days were needing a handful of images of your service or one promo video to help explain your brand to your audience was enough. Marketing is not the same as it was even just a couple years ago. In order to compete, you need to stand out and keep in front of the minds of your audience. 
We are proud to not only offer video and photo production, but also social media partnerships where we can build your social media content and online engagements to create a strong, thriving community that waits on your every post!  

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