frequently asked

1. How much does a video cost?

First and foremost - we can work with you in almost any budget. Whether you need something simple and to the point or more complex and grandiose, we can absolutely team with you to create the vision your brand needs! This is probably the question we get asked most often (other than "where can we meet for coffee?"), and it's the hardest to define in one simple answer.  

However, the best way to explain the price of video production is to compare that production to buying a house. While you can ask the same question, how much does a house cost, your realtor will ask you some questions like: Where do you want to live? How many floors do you want? How many rooms in the house? What kind of educational system are you wanting to live near? Amenities? Is it already furnished? New appliances? Big backyard? No backyard? How many car garages? Is the basement finished? So on and so on. 

And just like a realtor, we have those questions ready to go with a Discovery Form that we give to every business partner to fill out. Not only will the Discovery Form inform us of a budget range to get back to you, but it will also set realistic expectations and visual desires for what you want to have created and how you want to use that video to help your business. Outside of a personal, one on one sit down meeting, taking 5 minutes to fill out our Discovery Form will give us a crystal clear image of what you need, and most importantly, how we can create that vision for you. 

If you're serious and ready to start growing your brand and business with photo and video, contact us now and we will send you our Discovery Form to get the ball rolling!


How many hours per week do you go hunting for new business? Whether you're a big company or a single person, your most important job is to bring in new clients, and secondly -taking care of those clients once they are working with you. That's how your business thrives and grows. And to do that, you need to explain to people exactly WHO you are and WHAT you do - and probably more importantly, WHY you're the one to do it better than anyone else. And you do this same meeting all the time! You give your pitch, tell your potential new client who you are, what you can do for them and why you're the best choice for them. AND... you spend a lot of time doing this every week. So why are you taking so many hours out per week, so many hours per month, so many days per year, just to meet with someone for a first time... over and over again?  
That's where a Video Business Card comes in. Every person has 60 seconds to hear your pitch, to get to know you - and you can do all of the above in a single, well crafted and brand-oriented video. A video telling everyone WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHY you're the obvious choice. A video you can send to anyone in an email, host on your website, or heck, even post it on Instagram and LinkedIn and let the social media do your work for you. If dressing up for the part and having a good business card or branding or logo are important, your presentation of yourself and your brand is far more important. And even more so - your time. Time is money, right? So let the Video Business Card do a huge part of the job for you so you can continue focusing on the parts of your business that need your most attention.
If you're serious about wanting to grow your business and bring in more clientele, contact us now to get the ball rolling on your Video Business Card.


Your headshot speaks volumes about you before anyone even gets to know you. Other businesses and regular people alike will psychologically assess much more about you through a photo or About Us Video the first time they see it, because as we all know, first impressions are important, right? You don't want that first impression to be a cell phone selfie or you talking into a webcam. That will subconsciously give your audience a feeling that your brand is lesser than you are trying to portray.
A professional headshot isn't just about how you look, it's about how you're seen. Sure the image will look good of you, however, we are also concerned with the background, the colors throughout the entire image, the posing and body language and making sure that the final image is perfect by taking parts from multiple shots and editing them together to make your image one that connects and matters!  
You always want to start with the right foot, right? Start every meeting with a smile? Be the best you can be with every interaction in your business? You headshot and About Us Video are doing just that... way before you even meet those potential clients. Having a great headshot and About Us Video gives you that amazing first impression already before you even connect personally - making that eventual meeting feeling like your clients already know you and like you.
Contact us today to get your headshots and about us videos in place so you can start bringing in more clients!


By now you know that if you have a brand or business, video is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Just as important and knowing you need video for your brand is knowing how that video is where they live, how they're seen and what your audience takes away from them. One video is not enough to satiate or inform your audience when brands are creating much more content. After years of research and discussions with large brands, we have narrowed down the 7 types of videos that every brand and business needs to thrive in media marketing. Every video on this list is designed to fit into social media marketing, website design, personal branding, wider advertising and much more. 
• Teasers
• Promos
• Video Business Cards
• Explainer Videos
• About Us Videos
• Social Media Cut Downs
• Testimonials
When you're ready to learn more and up your digital marketing, contact us and see how we can work together to create your brand's vision!